Jacque Perry Insurance

Jacque Perry Insurance, established in 1984, is a full service insurance agency providing products and services to individuals and businesses to protect and safeguard their assets. At this firm you can find a proven professional, caring, and conscientious group. People are always looking to cutback somewhere in budget spending. At Jacque Perry Insurance, you will find that cutting costs doesn’t always have to mean cutting your coverage! “It’s the insurance coverage you need, the price you can afford, and the service you desire!”

What’s All The Buzz About?
At Jacque Perry Insurance, their knowledge is based on a well-trained, experienced, and professional staff; the kind of people you can depend on. The agency is licensed in Pennsylvania to market and provide property/casualty, life and health products to you!

Jacque Perry, CIC, is the agency principal. Jacque has held the Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) designation since 1988. CIC is an insurance agent professional certification designation. Being a licensed insurance agent and broker with over 31 years of experience, Jacque was recently recognized by the Board of Governors of the Society of Certified Insurance Counselors for more than 25 years of persistent dedication to professional leadership and advanced knowledge through continuing insurance education. This places her among the top one percent of all insurance professionals in America! Jacque continues to demonstrate her commitment with continuing education to bring the most professional excellence in insurance today.

Jacque Perry Insurance has a top priority at their office and that is customer service! Staff members Ranee Kimmerle, CISR, RhiAnnon Byers, CISR, and Jean Daugherty, CISR, all provide customers with the best professional service around. CISR, Certified Insurance Service Representative, is a designation that requires annual updates and it is nationally recognized as a continuing education program for insurance professionals. The CISR Program ensures that Ranee, RhiAnnon, and Jean stay current on important policy changes and trends within the insurance industry. The professionals at Jacque Perry Insurance are devoted to delivering excellence in service that is truly noticeable.

Jacque Perry Insurance aims to reduce insurance costs and reduce gaps in coverage you may have with your insurance program, all while being honest and fair. They design a responsible insurance protection program for you. The agency’s service doesn’t stop there. Jacque Perry Insurance works on your side when you have a loss and will follow through to see that you get a fair, prompt settlement of any claim. The staff also provides a periodic review to let their customers know of the adequacy of their current insurance program.

If you are looking for a professional insurance program, Jacque Perry Insurance will provide you with a no cost, no obligation review and comparison of your current insurance. Get the coverage you need, with the service you deserve!

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Victorian Tudor Suite

The Victorian Tudor Suite

The Victorian Tudor Suite is located in the vicinity of many historical attractions in the downtown Punxsutawney area. Originally owned by Eugene H. Winslow, this remarkable wing of the home was renovated in the spring of 2008 as a local bed and breakfast. Here you will find original woodwork, refinished hardwood floors, impeccable window seats, two original fireplaces, and stunning wave glass windows throughout. If you are looking for the comfort of your own home, this is the place.

What’s All The Buzz About

The Victorian Tudor Suite is located one block from the main street of Punxsutawney. This extraordinary mansion was built around the year of 1910 for the proud owner’s Eugene H. Winslow & Margaret (Rinn) Winslow. The wing of the home which houses the Victorian Tutor Executive Suite/B&B was built on to the main house a few years later. Eugene was said to have used this area as his own private suite when his wife, Margaret, entertained guests in the main area of the home.

The couple raised three children in this magnificent home, Samuel, John C., and Anna Martha Winslow. Eugene H. Winslow passed away at the age of 81, on November 12, 1962. Margaret had later passed at the age of 78, in October of 1966. The residence continued in the inheritance of the Winslow’s until it was sold to the Dereume family on April 12, 1970. On May 28, 2004 the historical home was sold to the present owners Duane & Nancy Miller, who continue to restore and preserve this exceptional Victorian Bankers Tutor.

The first floor of the Victorian Tudor Suite offers a spacious living area with remote T.V. and wireless internet. The Suite also contains a fully equipped kitchen including a microwave, dishwasher, clothes washer & dryer, along with an iron & ironing board.

The second floor hosts an appealing yet tranquil place to rest and relax. The bedroom includes a queen size bed, seating area, a walk-in closet, with a remote controlled television. The Suite also offers a raised queen size air bed for extra guests. The bath area encompasses the original walk-in, subway tiled shower. The bathroom also offers an exquisite deep cast iron tub for relaxing bubble baths.

If you are staying in the Punxsutawney area for an event, work, or historic attraction, the Victorian Tudor Suite will meet your expectations. With notable roots, this peaceful getaway is just what you’re looking for.

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The Jackson Theater

The Jackson Theater

The Jackson Theater is Punxsutawney’s own historic movie theater. The theater is located within the Punxsutawney Area Community Center and has seating for 1,000 people. For your entertainment, new movies are available on a weekly basis.

What’s All The Buzz About

The Jackson Theater was originally the local high school auditorium since the 1930’s. In 1999, the auditorium was created into a classic theater for local entertainment. Just like the Punxsutawney Area Community Center, the Jackson Theater works with the help of volunteers.

New movies are shown each week, with showtimes available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings, with a matinee every third Sunday. You can’t go wrong when prices are based to fit your budget.

The Jackson Theater is the source for your ultimate movie experience. You can review details of upcoming films weekly, so you’re in the know before you go! Action, Drama, Comedy; no matter the type of movie it always has a sense of a new adventure.

Who needs to travel when you can have entertainment like this right in your hometown? The Jackson Theater has comfortable seating that makes you feel right at home. The theater also provides a concession stand for all you favorite snacks. So get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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Punxsutawney Area Community Center

The Punxsutawney Area Community Center

The Punxsutawney Area Community Center was established in 1997. Formerly being the local high school, the structure has stood since the 1930’s. The PACC is run today with the help of volunteers and has been designed to bring the community a healthier and more active way of living.

What’s All The Buzz About

The Punxsutawney Area Community Center offers a wide variety of programs and activities for the area. With the help of volunteers, and many who support and donate from local business, as well as individuals, these services are brought to the community to establish a greater quality of life. The PACC provides the Community Fitness Center, as well as an extensive selection of activities and programs that are accessible to all ages.

The Community Fitness Center has equipment for everyone’s needs; including 7 treadmills, 5 elliptical machines, and 6 stationary bikes for your cardiovascular health. The center provides numerous weight machines as well as free weights for resistance and strength training.

Fitness classes are available, such as aerobics, cycling, Pilates, yoga, and much more throughout the year. Also, depending on experience level, you have the option to find one that best fits your needs.

In Addition, The Punxsutawney Area Community Center offers SilversSneakers; which is a program designed for older adults and seniors to promote physical activity. SilverSneakers is the nation’s leading fitness program and is intended to aid in living a more independent and fit lifestyle.

Looking to get your little ones prepared for the future? Say no more, The PACC also offers Head Start, Early Head Start, and Pre-K classes. Early readiness can enhance your children’s social and cognitive development.

Furthermore, The Punxsutawney Area Community Center has many other activities available at your ease: a Community Walk Track, batting cages, virtual golf, gymnastics, and much more. Check it out; there truly is something for everyone.

The Mission of the Punxsutawney Area Community Center

The Mission of the Punxsutawney Area Community Center is to serve the community as a hub for fellowship; to provide programs and services that are cultural, educational, and recreational; to meet the diverse needs of the community; and to be the necessary cornerstone to promote and improve the quality of life in the Punxsutawney area. PACC will be recognized as innovative and creative, a point of pride hub, and a vehicle grow and promote quality of life.

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Pain is a Terrible Indicator

Pain is a Terrible Indicator

I hear it every single day in my office; “It hurts right here.” Well, 90% of the time, when it hurts right here, it’s caused by something else. Our societal norms teach us to chase pain and sickness using our health insurance dollars as a cure all modality. What happened to the individual responsibility? Did you know that in Ancient China, “doctors” were paid by patients until they got sick? It’s an interesting way of thought isn’t it? Imagine that, doctors being paid to keep people healthy, working as precautionary rather than reactionary.

How have we fallen so far away from preventative care that now all we want to do is get help when we decide we need it? There are blood tests that can predict the onset of cardio vascular diseases like coronary artery disease and heart attack. Almost no one receives these tests until they are at the cardiologist with chest pains. There are movement screenings that can reveal postural abnormalities that might one day lead to debilitating low back pain. Unfortunately, chiropractors don’t get the chance to perform these screenings until patients are already writhing in pain. As a society, our health care is driven by two things, pain, and the almighty dollar

I tell my patients all the time “Let’s stay well, not get well.” Simply put, you are feeling good now and regular monthly or bimonthly checkups will keep you that way. Regular check-ups can clearly demonstrate a patient’s weakest link. Knowing is half the battle. Once we know where an injury is likely to occur, we can address it through adjustments, by altering one’s exercise program, daily activities, or even sleep position and that once a month visit can cost as little as ten to fifteen dollars out of pocket. However, when patients wait for a major injury to occur, the necessary treatment protocol becomes much more regular leading to the accumulation of higher fees.

It is simple to understand. Pain is a poor indicator of physical condition. A paper cut for example can be excruciating, while cancer can go undetected for years. Have you had an ache or a pain for weeks that “should have gone away by now?” Schedule your regular check up with whoever it is that you trust with your health today.


Dr. Kevin P. Merrow D.C

Punxsutawney PA

Excercise Injury Prevention, the Proper Warm-Up

Exercise Injury Prevention, the Proper Warm-Up


If you exercise even semi-regularly, the chances are you know someone who warms up improperly. It is also likely that you see that someone in the mirror every morning. The fact is, if you know that a warm up is necessary before exercise, whether you are performing it correctly or incorrectly, you are way ahead of the proverbial game. So, what are you doing wrong? Well, there are two major mistakes people make when warming up before a workout or an athletic event.

One common workout warm up mistake that people make is typically made by men. As a chiropractor who worked as a certified personal trainer for the last six years, I have seen literally hundreds of men “warm up” by performing one light set of a given exercise before progressing to full weight. The fact is this technique should be used as the very last step in the proper warm up.

The most common mistake that I see in the gym regarding a warm up is made by men and women alike. It’s the cardio warm up. People who make this mistake come into the gym and hop on a bike, a treadmill, or an elliptical. They move for five to ten minutes to build a sweat, and then they get off and jump right into lifting weights. The fact is, again, this technique has a place in the warm up. The mistake is that alone this cardio warm up is really only the first step.

Put simply, the term “warm up”, is poor word choice. I prefer to call it “readiness drills”. The purpose of readiness drills is to acclimate the body to the tasks you are about to ask it to accomplish. Let’s use baseball as an example. If you ever attended a Major League game and you got there early enough to watch the players go through readiness drills, you would watch the players start their days by running slowly. The purpose of running slowly is to gradually increase blood flow, thus increasing body temperature. Once the muscles have become more flexible from the increased blood flow, players build towards top speed without risking injury. After they have acclimated themselves to running straight, you would see these professionals start moving in all directions that their body could possibly be asked to move during the game. They used the same slow progression of effort to progress to full speed in all aspects and skills involved in a game. You should be doing the same thing. A typical day of readiness drills for my patients and clients include a multitude of exercises including a cardio sweat, body squats, ball slams, pushups, and pull ups. Depending on the exercise program or sport of the day, more specific tasks are used as well.

Your readiness drills should reflect what your workout plans to accomplish. Step one, build the sweat, this is for the cardiovascular and muscular systems. Step two, move the body without extra weight in ways it will be asked to move when you exercise. This is for the nervous system. Step three, lift light weights and build up to your heaviest weight of the day for a specific movement gradually. This brings everything together. Now you are ready to exercise. A typical day of readiness drills should take between 10 and 20 minutes. The changes your body undergoes due to the readiness drills lasts only about 20 minutes once you begin resting. Keep this in mind when you exercise.


Dr. Kevin P. Merrow D.C

Punxsutawney PA