Pain is a Terrible Indicator

Pain is a Terrible Indicator

I hear it every single day in my office; “It hurts right here.” Well, 90% of the time, when it hurts right here, it’s caused by something else. Our societal norms teach us to chase pain and sickness using our health insurance dollars as a cure all modality. What happened to the individual responsibility? Did you know that in Ancient China, “doctors” were paid by patients until they got sick? It’s an interesting way of thought isn’t it? Imagine that, doctors being paid to keep people healthy, working as precautionary rather than reactionary.

How have we fallen so far away from preventative care that now all we want to do is get help when we decide we need it? There are blood tests that can predict the onset of cardio vascular diseases like coronary artery disease and heart attack. Almost no one receives these tests until they are at the cardiologist with chest pains. There are movement screenings that can reveal postural abnormalities that might one day lead to debilitating low back pain. Unfortunately, chiropractors don’t get the chance to perform these screenings until patients are already writhing in pain. As a society, our health care is driven by two things, pain, and the almighty dollar

I tell my patients all the time “Let’s stay well, not get well.” Simply put, you are feeling good now and regular monthly or bimonthly checkups will keep you that way. Regular check-ups can clearly demonstrate a patient’s weakest link. Knowing is half the battle. Once we know where an injury is likely to occur, we can address it through adjustments, by altering one’s exercise program, daily activities, or even sleep position and that once a month visit can cost as little as ten to fifteen dollars out of pocket. However, when patients wait for a major injury to occur, the necessary treatment protocol becomes much more regular leading to the accumulation of higher fees.

It is simple to understand. Pain is a poor indicator of physical condition. A paper cut for example can be excruciating, while cancer can go undetected for years. Have you had an ache or a pain for weeks that “should have gone away by now?” Schedule your regular check up with whoever it is that you trust with your health today.


Dr. Kevin P. Merrow D.C

Punxsutawney PA

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